Ontario Track 3 relies upon funding from a combination of sources including student/user fees, government project grants, in-kind donations in the form of lift tickets and facilities, fundraising events, third party events, individual donations, and corporate donations and sponsorships. Our organization is grateful to all those who support our programs and enable us to share the magic of snow sports. 

​With your donation to Ontario Track 3, you are enabling kids with disabilities to reach for their goals!

Ontario Track 3 Ski Association is a volunteer based charity enabling kids with disabilities to discover their confidence, develop their talents and achieve their physical potential through the magic of snow sports.  Our goal is to change lives by enabling our students with the same opportunities and experiences that are available to other children within their schools, families and communities.

Enabling physical development and physical literacy
For many able bodied youth, physical activities, sports and recreation are key ingredients that keep them healthy and are the centre of their personal and social development.  The reality is that kids with disabilities are often excluded from these critical aspects of life because of systemic barriers including a lack of programs, instructor training, adaptive equipment and resources.
Ontario Track 3 delivers professionally certified adaptive ski and snowboard programs that enable hundreds of kids with disabilities to become full participants in some of Canada's healthiest outdoor winter sports.  Qualified adaptive instructors use specialty training and adaptive equipment to remove barriers that Track 3 kids experience in their daily lives.  We deliver programs that enable each child's physical, personal and social development.  In many aspects of life, a small bump can be a significant barrier.  At Ontario Track 3, a mountain can become a child's life enabler.

Enabling social integration
There is equality on the mountain.  When kids participate in Ontareio Track 3 programs, we look beyond disabilities and adaptive equipment.  We don't talk much about barriers or set arbitrary limits.  Obstacles become challenges and gravity represents an opportunity.  Track 3 kids ride the lifts together; they develop self confidence together; they celebrate each other's accomplishments and make great friendships that last a lifetime.  When we enable a child with positive social experiences, independence and confidence, their lives change forever.

Enabling thrills and excitement
Ontario Track 3 enables kids to safely experience the thrills and excitement that come with alpine skiing and snowboarding.  In everyday life, we are justifiably protective of kids with special needs.  Wheelchairs, walkers, canes and prosthetic limbs come with their limitations.  Delayed cognitive development, visual impairment, hearing impairment, syndromes and diseases raise safety concerns that typically result in the conservative path.  Our professionally trained adaptive instructors use specialty equipment on safe terrain to five Track 3 kids the thrills and excitement that every child should have the opportunity to experience.

Enabling volunteers with the right skills
Volunteering is no minor commitment.  Each season, over 400 volunteers contribute their valuable time and talents to Ontario Track 3 and to the children we serve.  Every volunteer attends a minimum of two days of on-hill training plus additional orientation, certification and upgrade courses.  They incur travel time and travel costs and then they selflessly deliver seven weeks of direct student services.  Each volunteer role has its own unique training and certification standards including program directors, ski instructors, snowboard instructors, teach assistants, equipment technicians, bus captains and support staff.  We enable volunteer heroes with the training and resources and in turn, they create smiles and change lives.